Pawn Expert

The Pawn Expert Software is an automated management system of Pawnshop that allows the user to fully control as financial resources also the items pawned in Pawnshop. The software program is easily perceivable, has many functions and also the ability to configure fully your business requirements for your Pawnshop. The software program is realized with automated accounting and relevant accounting reporting functions, which fully meets the requirements of accounting for the Pawnshop...

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Loan Expert

Loan Expert Software is an automated system of any financial institution (Microfinance, Pawnshop, Credit Union, etc.) developed by using the latest technology of programming and one of the powerful databases. The software program is compatible with any operating system and device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)...

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"SOFTGEN" is the distributor of Accuity lists (Terrorists, Sanctions & PEP ...) of the world's largest suppliers and offers clients the most acceptable pricing of AML policies with various architectural models... .

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Kinder bubu

Company softgen has created and launched successfully children’s literature site called “kinder bubu”, the site is unique and original with its function.this project gives the chance to the users to become a hero in a fairy tale, upload his/her photo and name and look at the books where he/she is the main character. Any user can find a fairy tale that it is close to their interests, and this way the are able to become a reading process funnier and most interesting.

Online face identification

With the system that was created by softgen the customer organization will avoid an online registration by unwillig subject, for one thing, the system gets user’s video image in a live mode .Secondly, it requires to place an ID card in front to camera and analizes those two emoges in a live mode based on an artifical intelligence..To identify the user in this way is distinguished as one of the most credible in the field.


Another successful project was created by Softgen and introduced in many leadig companies in a short time. HR 360 system or competency assessment system. This system gives opportunity to the organization to conduct employees competency assessment survey.. . This system generates questionnaires and makes inquiries about employees, coworkers and other subordinated individuals.

System of calculating employees’ working hours

Softgen is the company which step by step follows any legislative changes in the country, and always implements them immediately.. Another soft is made according to regulation of Ministry Of Internal Affairs its a module for calculating employees ‘ . Any private or publish institution is obliged to record an employees’ calculating system. Mentioned module which is made by Softgen counts employees ‘ time at work - including arrival and leaving. This module helps companies to work as Labour Code demands.

On-line Payments (

SoftGen has created and introduced, a universal online payment platform for banking, utility and other types of transactions. A new electronic wallet is being created for users of pawnshops and microfinance institutions to accept and manage international money transfers.

Management system for vehicles' technical inspection centres (PTI module)

The system provides complete management of the operational cycle associated with periodic technical inspections and includes a web-based user environment, dynamic reporting functions, etc., in addition to the administrator's functional management tool. The implementation of the system has already been completed in about 10 organisations and the project is being gradually implemented in additional centres.

Management system for technical inspection centres for natural gas and LPG vehicles

(LPG/CNG module) –Currently, 100% of the operating inspection centres operate using SoftGen software.

System for Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition (LPR)

SoftGen LTD, as the exclusive regional distributor of ISS Corporation, participates in the process of technical modernization of the existing road infrastructure with appropriate technological products based on artificial intelligence, for example: The so-called "Smart Cameras" installed throughout Georgia are already equipped with Softgen software.

Credit risk assessment system

SoftGen has developed and built an automated credit risk scoring analytics system into the software component of several banks' lending activities.