• Loan Expert

    Loan Expert Software is an automated system of any financial institution (Microfinance, Pawnshop, Credit Union, etc.) developed by using the latest technology of programming and one of the powerful databases. The software program is compatible with any operating system and device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

    The system is modular and it is possible to implement any module separately.

    The system consists of the following modules: Customer Module, Credit Module, Conversion Module, Accounting Module, Cash Management Module, Money Transfers, Budgeting, CRM, Maintenance Management Module, National Reporting, IFRS Accounting Reporting, Contract Management Module, Credit Committee, KYC, AML Module.

    Most importantly, with the introduction of the system you get qualified staff consultation and the possibility of establishing processes according to the international standards and Georgian legislation.

    Softgen is the distributor of Accuity and Dowjones lists (Terrorists, Sanctions & PEP ...) of the world's 2 largest suppliers and offers clients the most acceptable pricing of AML policies with various architectural models.

    Implementation of AML policy implies the introduction and implementation of equipments with appropriate tools, as well as modernization of domestic business-operating rules and procedures, controls and other components in order to counter the money laundering and terrorism financing standards.

    Based on the customer analysis of customer business processes, ensuring methodological assistance required for the development of AML policies;

    Further compatibility reports and statistics for internal audits as well as for generating accounting forms (monthly reporting, offset matrix, etc.).

    For the implementation of the Automatic Screening Procedure for Persons Examining the List of Renewable Global Watch Lists (Terrorists, Sanctions & PEPs ...) in Soptegen Infrastructure, preparing web-service and providing customer with further integration into its software provision;

    Global Watch Lists (Terrorists, Sanctions & PEPs ...) Integration into the Customer's Database (if purchased by the supervisor) and automatic updates by established intervals.

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