• Pawn Expert

    The Pawn Expert Software is an automated management system of Pawnshop that allows the user to fully control as financial resources also the items pawned in Pawnshop. The software program is easily perceivable, has many functions and also the ability to configure fully your business requirements for your Pawnshop. The software program is realized with automated accounting and relevant accounting reporting functions, which fully meets the requirements of accounting for the Pawnshop.

  • Main Features:
    • Multi-user environment support;
    • Secure storage and quick access to a single, centralized database of data regardless of the number of user computers;
    • Pleasant and easy-to-understand visual feature;
    • Multilingual interface;
    • Powerful database support - PostgreSQL;
    • Support of many branches;
    • Automatically creates and stores the data backup copy for safety;
    • Printable on various printers;
    • Easy and quick search of the borrower and the loan;
    • The simplest recording of the program and customization in accordance with the specificity of the pawnshop activities;
    • Free demo version;
    • Remakable functionality in accordance with the requirements of the Pawnshop;
  • Specific features:
    • New loan registration in less than one minute;
    • Automatically filling the form with the data of registered borrowers;
    • Sorting the types of printed forms (contracts, revenue and warrants, etc.) with any design and field;
    • Establishment of restriction between the market value of the item and the amount of the loan;
    • Attachment of any type of file (image, text, etc.) to a specific borrower, loan or collateral;
    • Different mechanisms of interest accruing;
    • Implementing the financial transactions (full coverage, increase / decrease of base amount, payout coverage) in less than 10 seconds;
    • Determines the location of the pledged items, automatic transfers;
    • Automatically grants the statuses to various loans - covered, closed, deprecated, normal;
    • Full Accounting Module - Automatic Accounting Handling, Accounting Reporting;
    • Flexible system of reports - creates any type and structure report;
    • Sending text messages individually and massively, with any kind of information you need (payment reminder, sale of the item, etc.);
    • Control of current situation (payable loans, overdue loans);
    • Define the rights of the program users;
    • Loan registration with different coverage schedule;
    • Registration of the loan by accruing interest on a daily or fixed period;
    • Loan registration by various types of pledged items (equipment, jewelry, car, mortgage);
    • Write types and parameters of securities (pledged items);
    • Automatic repayment of loans;
    • Carrying out balancing and commercial courses;
    • Functionality of sending notification to the sale of a pledged item to the borrowers;
    • Functionality for commenting on the loan;
    • Cash / cashless conversion module;
    • Administration of troublesome loans.

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